Have you ever stumbled upon a pattern of numbers and felt a sense of divine guidance?

Your angels are speaking to you.


Welcome to the enchanting realm of Angel Numerology where angel numbers, numerology, and archangels join forces to deliver magical messages from Spirit!

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Radleigh Valentine presents...

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Meet Radleigh Valentine

Best-selling Hay House author Radleigh Valentine has inspired audiences around the world with his angelic messages of pure love and unconditional support.

Imagine having an encouraging guardian angel or fairy ‚Äúgodbrother‚ÄĚ whispering in your ear, helping you realize your purpose as a child of the Divine.

He’s written several oracle and tarot decks, including the best-selling Angel Tarot Cards. His books Manifesting Your Magical Life and Compendium of Magical Things offer insightful, exhilarating lessons about how to manifest the life of your dreams and find your own unique language for communicating with the Divine.

An internationally known spiritual teacher and speaker, Radleigh has presented at nearly 100 events in 10 countries. His teachings enchant audiences with the message that each and every one of us deserves to live a magical life.

His work has been featured in international media and spiritual centers around the world including:

What are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are sequences of numbers that carry divine guidance by referring to specific numerological meanings. In other words, these numbers are used by the angels to communicate with us.

Think of angel numbers as delightful whispers from the angels, nudging us and saying, "Hey, we're here, guiding you every step of the way!" These numerical sequences can appear in unconventional places, often in repetitive patterns - on a clock, a receipt, a license plate, or even in a dream.

Each number sequence has a unique vibrational frequency, thus carrying a specific meaning. From single digits to larger number sequences, angel numbers can provide guidance, deliver messages of comfort, and even offer warnings.

By listening to these numerical whispers and embracing their meanings, we are opening up to the divine, trusting our intuition, and embarking on an enchanting journey of love, magic, and personal growth.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient metaphysical science that explores the mystical significance of numbers and their influence on human life and events.

Imagine if the numbers around us could tell a tale, a story about our strengths, needs, desires, and our very life path. Well, that's precisely what Numerology does! It's an ancient, magical system that sees divine significance in numbers and their impact on our lives.

At its core, numerology is a tool for self-understanding and personal growth, enabling you to make more conscious life choices.

Numerology is like a compass in our pocket. It helps us navigate life's journey with greater understanding, compassion, and intention. It's not just about numbers; it's about making conscious life choices and growing beautifully into our highest selves.

Angel Numerology, my dear friends, is where the magic truly begins.

Imagine it as a beautiful dance between the loving messages of Angel Numbers and the insightful wisdom of Numerology. 

Each angel number, filled with love and guidance, is further illuminated by the vibrational insights of Numerology.

The dance between the two takes these gentle messages and weaves them into a rich tapestry of personalized wisdom.

Angel Numerology is more than just understanding numbers... it's about hearing the universe whisper secrets to your soul.

It's like engaging in a beautiful conversation filled with profound wisdom, guidance, and a dash of celestial enchantment.

A divine guide for your spiritual journey, and a key to unlocking the treasure chest of your personal growth.

Now, doesn't that sound like a dance you'd want to join?

 What you'll gain from Angel Numerology... 


1. A deeper understanding of Angel Numbers:

Angel Numbers are more than just coincidences... they're profound messages delivered by the universe and the angels. They subtly weave into our lives, offering guidance, support, and insight into our personal and spiritual journey.

2. The ability to decode Numerology messages:

These intriguing numeric patterns carry powerful messages from the universe, waiting to be interpreted. Radleigh Valentine will teach you how to decipher these divine codes, helping you to understand the deeper truths they convey.

3. Confidence for life's major decisions:

Once you've decoded these angelic messages, they can serve as a compass, guiding your actions and decisions. Radleigh will provide you with practical ways to apply these signals, leading you towards a more fulfilling and magical life.

4. Tips on integrating this practice into your life:

Incorporating Angel Numbers into your daily routine is a practice that can enhance your connection to the divine. You'll learn how to seamlessly blend these messages into your everyday life, enriching your spiritual experience.

5. Unlocking Secret Messages in the Cards:

Radleigh's tarot and oracle decks are not just tools for divination, but they also hold hidden Angel Numbers. In this course, he will reveal these secret numbers and show you how to use them for added guidance and clarity in your readings.

PLUS... Become a Certified Angel Numerologist:

Take the skills you learn here and apply them to your own spiritual practice, and if you choose, readings you do for your clients. This program is providing you with everything you need to know about this divinatory tool and a safe and gentle environment to practice with your friends and peers.

What awaits you in this Divinely guided journey

ūüĆü Lesson 1: Exploring the World of Angel Numbers

Unlock the secret language of the angels. Discover the role of angel numbers in personal growth, spiritual development, and how these celestial codes influence your life. From single-digit messages to the phenomenon of repeating numbers, this lesson will open up a new dimension of understanding and communication with your angelic guides.

LIVE CLASS - Wednesday, August 9th at 2pm PT, 5pm ET with on-demand replay.

ūüĒģ Lesson 2: The Ancient Wisdom of Numerology

Learn the mystical art of numerology, and more importantly how it's different from the concept of Angel Numbers. Decode the significance of single-digit numbers, the powerful Master Numbers, and the hidden messages in your Life Path, Expression, Heart's Desire, and Personality Numbers.

LIVE CLASS - Wednesday, August 16th at 2pm PT, 5pm ET with on-demand replay.

‚ú® Lesson 3: The Beautiful Blend of Angel Numerology

Awaken your awareness and unlock the secrets of your inner wisdom as Radleigh expertly blends Angel Numbers and Numerology to bring you a whole new way of connecting with Spirit. Radleigh will help you tap into your intuitive gifts, empowering you to make aligned choices and trust your inner guidance.

LIVE CLASS - Wednesday, August 23rd at 2pm PT, 5pm ET with on-demand replay.

ūüĆą Lesson 4: Integrating Angel Numerology into Everyday Life

Bring the magic into your daily routine. Understand how to interpret complex angel number combinations, apply angelic guidance in decision-making, and enhance your intuition to fully receive these celestial messages. Plus, get practical, hands-on training through real-life examples.

LIVE CLASS - Wednesday, September 6th at 2pm PT, 5pm ET with on-demand replay.

ūüíę Lesson 5: Mixing Angel Numerology with Other Oracles

Invite all of your favorite Archangels into your numerology practice. Discover how to blend angel numbers with other divinatory tools, including tarot cards, oracle cards, pendulums, manifestation techniques, and the mystical "why" in the mathematical magic.

LIVE CLASS - Wednesday, September 13th at 2pm PT, 5pm ET with on-demand replay.

PLUS: Experience the Magic of LIVE Practice Circles

Your journey doesn't stop at the end of the lessons. In fact, it's just the beginning! To truly integrate Angel Numerology, you need to immerse yourself in the practice, and that's exactly what our LIVE Circles are for.

Join Radleigh and your Angel Family in an immersive, interactive experience on Zoom.

Here, you'll get a chance to put your newfound skills to the test, conducting LIVE Angel Numerology readings for your peers in the comfort of breakout rooms.

Circle #1: Wednesday September 27, at 2pm PT, 5pm ET
Circle #2 Wednesday October 11, at 2pm PT, 5pm ET
Circle #3 Wednesday October 25, at 2pm PT, 5pm ET

Real-Life Application

This hands-on approach not only solidifies your understanding of Angel Numerology, but also lets you see its impact in real-time. Experience how these divine numbers can unravel life’s mysteries and provide guidance to real-life questions and situations.

Coaching and Feedback

Feel a little unsure about a reading? Stuck on a particularly complex number sequence? Get spot coaching and feedback from Radleigh... along with guidance and insights to help you fine-tune your techniqes and make the most out of every reading.

A Supportive Community

In these practice circles, you'll meet like-minded individuals on the same journey as you... new friends and family to connect with. Share experiences, insights, and maybe even a few laughs as you navigate the magical world of Angel Numerology together.

Embrace this wonderful opportunity to learn, grow, and connect in a supportive and magical environment.

AND: Your Early Registration BONUS

Sign up now and receive access to Languages of the Divine: a 3-Part introductory course to the world of Divination!

Explore three of the main languages of the Divine, including tarot, runes, and pendulums.

You'll also receive a special meditation that will help you connect to Divine messages.

There's only one thing left to do...


Launching LIVE on August 2nd at 2pm PT, 5pm ET

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An incredible learning bundle from Radleigh...

  • Five Brand-New LIVE 90-minute Video Lessons with Radleigh
  • LIVE Meditations to ground you and prepare for this work
  • Q&A time with¬†Radleigh with guidance and support
  • Three LIVE Practice Circles¬†to sharpen your Angel Numerology Reading Skills
  • Spot coaching from Radleigh on how to do Angel Numerology readings
  • ¬†BONUS: Languages of The Divine Online Course
  • A downloadable guided meditation to open and expand your connection to The Archangels and Angel Numbers
  • Downloadable PDF Spread Worksheets for unlocking the hidden numerology in the cards
  • PDF Worksheets and Homework Exercises
  • Connection and Community with your Angel Family and peers
  • Unlimited On Demand Access to Recordings and Materials

And Your Certification

We've expanded this course to include the opportunity to become a Certified Angel Numerologist and receive a downloadable PDF certificate and be listed on Radleigh's online directory of practitioners!

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"Your life is meant to be one of wishes granted and dreams come true... and you have the magic within you to make that happen."

Radleigh Valentine


The Universe has your back,

The Universe loves you,

The Universe adores you.